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My approach focuses on changing behaviors rather than weight and numbers, which is the key to long-lasting health. I help individuals solidify their self-esteem beyond food, weight and body image, so they can find inner-wisdom and fulfillment from a place of self-acceptance vs external validation.


My Philosophy

Nutrition Therapy


My practice style

I  am a strong advocate for evidence-based practice and I often use techniques from motivational interviewing, intuitive eating, emotion-focused  therapy and psychoeducation to help support my clients.

Hi ! My name is Ladan and I am a registered dietitian who graduated in Dietetics from McGill University. I am a member of l’ODNQ, Dietitians of Canada, and Équilibre. During my student years, I volunteered at ANEB Québec and interned at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute for the eating disorders program. I later entered private practice where I worked as a dietitian/counselor specializing in eating disorders and was involved in the inhouse intensive program providing meal support for clients. My curiosity and my sensitivity for eating disorders have led me down the path of specialization in this field, where I continue getting trainings and learning about the latest research.

In addition to my growing interest for eating disorders,  I understand the intersection between disordered eating and other medical conditions such as IBS, PCOS and fertility struggles. Therefore, I wish to help those who struggle with health concerns find balance through a compassionate and holistic lens following a non-diet approach.

I strive at fostering a strong therapeutic alliance with each client, working alongside them to understand and resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities about food and body image.
I am strongly dedicated to creating a safe space for my clients as they embark on a self-exploration journey to reclaim peace with food, their body and mind.

My hope is to inspire those who come my way to become more authentically themselves throughout nutrition therapy and self-discovery.

My mission is to lead you towards body trust and self-acceptance

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